Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

What is domain name?

When you see a hyperlink like this "" on your web broswer, the part where it says is called domain name.

Where can I purchase a domain name?

We could help you to purchase one. Alternatively, type "domain name" in Google; do a search and pick your favourite domain name provider.

What is web hosting?

A computer is needed to store all web pages of your website and send those pages to your visitors so that they can view it on their computer. Web hosting is a service that provides you that computer and all necessary network setup.

Where can I purchase web hosting?

We could provide you web hosting services on annual basis.

How to setup Microsoft Outlook for my email adddress?

For our existing customers, simply contact our technical support staff and they will be happy to go through the setup with you.

What is a static website?

A static website does not have a database and any functions that user can interact with. For example, dynamic functions include online chat, file upload, form submission, member login, shopping cart, online payment and many more.

What is PPC?

Google pay per click (PPC) is an online marketing method which you can advertise your company products or services online. When someone does a search on Google, your advert may appear on the search results as sponsor links. You will pay Google a small fees everytime when someone clicks on your Google advert in order to visit your website.

We could help you to run, manage and optimise your PPC campaign in order to maximise your return on investment.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a way to help your website listed high position on Google. The higher ranking or position of your website, the more traffic you will get. We provide SEO services in conjunction with PPC as PPC is getting more and more expensive.

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