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Our graphics designers have many years of experience and thorough understanding of print design concepts including typography, layout, positioning, colours, dimensions, vector graphics and photo editing. Putting aside the creativity aspect, the most important thing is to work closely together and generate ideas that will actually work for you.

We believe all companies should hire a professional design agency to work on their stationary design including logo, business card and letterhead because it represents the company image and it is important to get your company image right.

When advertising your company's products or services on brochure, leaflet, newspaper or magazine, you will need an eye catching advert to crab the attention of your target audience.

Logo Design

Logo represents the identity of your company which is used on almost all kinds of marketing material including business card, letterhead, brochure, advertisement, website and many more. A stylish logo gives a positive impression to your customers and it should reflect the right image of your business. A beautiful logo not only entices you visually but it should also match your company vision perfectly.

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Business Card Design

First impression counts, people judge about your company on every aspect including your business card. You may want to use a simple business card design instead of something colourful if your customers are in the financial sector. But regardless of what industry you are in, your business card should be eye-catching and memorable. Business card is also a good marketing material to be given out in meetings or networking events.

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Letterhead Design

When you are sending so many invoices, quotations, letters, notices, thank you notes to your suppliers and customers, you can understand the importance of having a properly designed letterhead for your company. A beautiful letterhead needs to be practical for printing because it may consume too much printer link on something which is not necessary. Similar to other stationery design, the key is to pay attention on every detail.

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Brochure Design & Leaflet Design

Your brochure or leaflet will simply be thrown away if it isn't attractive. On the other hand, an eye catching and interesting brochure can attract people to read and find out more about your services. Brochure is a good marketing material especially when your customers want to read more about your services; and it is particularly good for hand out in meetings.

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Newspaper & Magazine Advertisement Design

Advertising your products and services on newspaper and magazine is one of the most traditional marketing methods and a professionally designed advert is crucial, not only your advert will be seen by many of your potential customers; a poorly designed advert may even have an adverse effect on your company image.

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