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  • Provide professional consultancy on what really works on the web
  • Design and redesign a professional website using the latest web 2.0 technologies
  • Market your website on search engines and the web
  • Integrate your website with our user friendly content management system so that you can update your website anytime and anywhere you want

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Our goal is to build a successful website for your business. We believe communication is the key for every project we do. From initial meeting, website design, website implementation to final release, we all have to work closely together to ensure the work is right. To streamline the entire process, we use our cutting edge project management system to help all parties to interact on the project more closely and ensure deadlines are to be met. We encourage face to face meetings to discuss your web design requirements in our London office.

We all know how important first impression is; and your company website is what people see on their first visit and it should attract and direct your visitors to learn more about your services. Having a professionally designed website not only matches your brand identity but is also one of the most effective marketing tools available in the information age.

A lot of web design companies adopt a fixed time and fixed price approach but we think this is not enough, we understand your business is evolving and the market is constantly changing. As a result, changes are inevitable during the development phrase. We are one of the very few web design companies that is willing to go an extra mile and truly dedicated to complete a successful web project.

Since we established in early 2007, we continue to grow our business and currently have a team of 10 people; each one of us specialise in certain areas including creative graphics design, internet marketing, ecommerce business, software development, system architecture and system testing. We believe it is essential to take on board a wide range of expertise in order to provide a complete web solution to our clients. It becomes essential for a web design company to combine their services and offers it as a whole package. Sometimes a company that work in one or two areas may not be enough to cater your needs. That is why you need to hire a team of specialists to handle all aspect of your requirements.

Tagnum specialises in bespoke development and we can tailor made everything to meet your needs. We are dedicated to provide high quality of services. Our experienced sales team are happy to give you professional advice and help you to take a step closer to having a successful web design. Feel free to call us on 0845 055 1683, fill in the enquiry form or email us to discuss your web design requirements.